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Unibroadway is an online consulting service that provides proven and relevant answers to all of your questions regarding university of choice, fees, admission criteria, admission process and more.

We provide actionable and problem solving answers to students from Africa who need to make informed decisions quickly about attending colleges and universities anywhere in the world. Our goal is to answer all of your questions satisfactorily towards making prompt and informed decision.

There are no uncertainties or element of doubt with us. Since inception, we’ve been working closely with different universities in the world and students seeking admission opportunities. We’ve been in the system long enough to have all the answers to your questions.

Beyond providing you with relevant answers, we also help you make informed efficient and effective decision all through your journey. We are your partner to give you a seamless experience without any hassle.

We provide up-to-date answers more than you can ever find on Google. We’ve been delivering desired results for different students from various part of Africa and our experience makes us stand out to give you a personalized answer and experience.

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Questions put to UniBroadway are sorted according to countries and disciplines or degree types. You have nothing to worry about with us. We have updated answers and solutions to each of your questions and problems. There’s no question that we won’t answer in 10 minutes or less and that’s why we are the best to help you achieve your dreams and gain admission to your university of choice.


AAHELP offers two levels of service. For an annual fee, five employees from recruiting agents and other corporate clients can ask an unlimited number of questions; students and parents can ask a total of twenty questions. Under each arrangement, the client receives unlimited access to a PAQ (previously asked questions) database; to UniTrend, a database providing an overview of topical trends in higher education opportunities from participating countries and universities; and to Scholarwatch which provides articles and information on college/university scholarships as available to UniBroadway.

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