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With a 99.9% chance of being admitted into one of our world-class accredited Colleges and Univerities abroad with seamless and easy procedures, AAHELPoffers you an opportunity to connect with thousands of international institutions in the UK, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Australia, China and many other countries. It is a one stop solution for all your Scholarship applications, undergraduate and post graduate degreeapplications, FAQs, and genuine partnerhip with higher learning Institutions abroad that aids for a quicker and smoother student acceptance in their field of choice.

At AAHELP, our philosophy is based on the A.P.P.L.E concept – Always Providing People a Little Extra. At the core of our service is to help students seeking admission anywhere in the world as well as help parents and guardians land a reputable and safer learning environment for their children while away from home. We achieve our aims though our partner colleges, partner agents and sponsors. Studying overseas comes with varying degree of challenges and this often makes the experience of looking for and getting into the ideal school for you, or your son, or daughter very daunting. AAHELP is here to walk alongside you through this process.

Our Target audiences are young African adults looking for admissions and scholarship abroad, parents and guidanians with passion for credible and safer learning institutions for their children, higher learning Institutions abroad looking for partnership in student recruitment as well as University Agents.

AAHELP Commitment Charter

  • For the students we will partner with your learning. Get the right answer fast about the university/college of your choice and the mentoring programs we offer.
  • For the parents we will guide you towards choosing the best available options that fits your budget and other VIP programs we offer.
  • For the sponsors we will like you to buy into our EFFECT program for African students studying abroad. EFFECT is Education Fund for Future Entrepreneurs and Competitive Talents.
  • For partner agents we will work alongside you in the different countries in Africa and promote best practices to facilitate recruitment and easy transition for the students to attend the college/university of their choice anywhere in the world.
  • For partner colleges we will broadcast your offerings to a bigger audience in Africa interested in world-class institutions and will recruit the best students for you. Let us know if we can recruit students for you and the best time to visit your campus to discuss a partnership agreement.

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