Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our universities have virtual tours with links provided on our UNIPARTNERS page. Follow this link to access some of the university virtual tours

Each university is unique. For that reason, they come with different extra-curricular packages. However, all our univerisities are world-class renowned universities, offering a whole rounded education, including extra-curricular activities and different cultural activities.

We work with universities in Europe,  Australia, Canada, USA, Asia and China. Some of the basic requirements include higher level certificates (O-level certificate and A-level certificate, diploma, degree, masters) and a valid passport. Some extra requirements, depending on the university might include English language proficiency (IELTS, SATs, TOEFOL), police clearance, and physical/medical certificate.

Yes. AAHELP works with the prospective student to streamline the most affordable universities with quality standard education

Programs vary, depending on what you’ve applied for. Ranging from 3 years to 7 years.

AAHELP haspartners with top-class foreign colleges and universitiesabroad.

AAHELP is a Swissplat Group higher education service solution founded on thedesire and passion to assist African students acquire quality and timely education abroad with ease. Please refer to our testimonials for proof of our reliability.

Not all univerisities nor university programs will require A levels to get entrance. Our agents, counselors and college representatives will advice the student upon selection of a university and their program about the necessary requirements.

Acceptance depends on the start of the next academic session. It can take 3 months to a year for a university to process student’s application. Our agents, counselors and college representatives will advice on the duration of acceptance upon application.

AAHELP is an organizationthat partners with world class universities to simplify the admission process for the average applicant. However, once a student has been accepted, we leave them in the capable care of the university admission team. Our lines remain open for any communication the student may need and they are always welcome to seek further guidance.

Our universities are reputable and have in place care for international students whilst on campus.