About Us

All-Africa Higher Education Learning & Partnership

AAHELP is a Swissplat Group higher education service solution. AAHELP was founded by Dr. Gbenga Olowoye based on his experience in university recruitment and institutional partnerships while working for a Swiss-based university. He now leads a team whose desire and passion is to assist African students acquire quality and timely education abroad with ease. We bridge the gap between young Africans seeking admission to study abroad and world-class reputable institutions. We clear all doubts for our prospective students and calm the anxieties that arise from culture shock.

At the fore front of our services is the drive to deliver something extra that makes the difference in your admission process. We help you with the right information and guidance to not only gain admission but enjoy a seamless process.

As an organization, we partner with world class universities and simplify the admission process to make it seamless for the average applicant.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent, error-free student recruitment processes, career guidance and mentorship, documentation and application procedures for the prospective student. We achieve this through closer tailored interactions aimed at providing the best solutions and answers to your questions. We help you make the best decision.

At AAHELP, we accelerate your wish to pursue studies out of Africa in foundation programs, A-levels, college university, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. 

Who we are

AAHELP prides itself in providing a liaison role between young African prospective students and renowned top class Colleges and Universities in fundamental programs, A-Levels, High School Diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Our motto is simple; ‘To bring, position, and place Global Education at your finger tips.’


To give young Africans access to quality information and education abroad through a seamless application process. We prioritize the student’s educational needs through mentorship and support, from application to admission, with the help of our dedicated team. To help millions of African students gain admission to affordable top-class universities abroad. To link prospective students to scholarship opportunities and financial aid at their dream universities. To play the liaison role between prospective students and top class higher learning institutions abroad.


Be the leading organization in Africa with a unique passion to help young Africans gain easy admission into their dream, top-class universities abroad through quality partnerships for colleges and universities, scholarships, and mentorships in various study programs of their choice.

Why Choose us?

Ability to provide thorough personalized and specific answers to questions about institutions abroad beyond Google search. We’ve been through this path.Allow us walk you through with confidence.

We are a dedicated team that values professionalism, rapid response and support to help users make informed decisions.

We are open for Partnerships and agreements with institutions abroad in Europe, America, Australia, China and elsewhere.

We have industry experience that has enabled us create a database of Frequently Asked Questions about top institutions.

We provide you with latest and relevant information about schools abroad in regards to your career choice

Access to professional and quality agents.